QCP Tennis Program – Serving Up Confidence

A group of Jamaica Day Habilitation Program participants learned how to play tennis last spring, thanks to generous grants from the Eastern Adult Tennis Foundation and the United States Tennis Association (USTA).


Tennis pros at Point Set Indoor Racquet Club in Oceanside, N.Y., and Alley Pond Tennis Center in Queens Village, N.Y., taught new players the basics of the game, including forehand and backhand shots and how to serve. The more seasoned players in the day habilitation program used the weekly one-hour lessons to improve their footwork and movement around the court.


Playing tennis helped day hab participants improve their strength and fitness, build confidence and reduce stress.


QCP Day Hab Tennis players wish to thank Point Set Tennis Facility in Oceanside, NY , Alley Pond Tennis Center in  Queens Village, NY and the Eastern Adult Tennis Foundation for their generous and continued support of our Tennis Program.  We had another banner year! Our players’ skills keep improving! Alley Pond Tennis Center taught over 15 new players basic tennis strokes and game play. We are so grateful and love our new relationship with this Tennis Facility.  We hope to keep increasing our number of tennis players in the next season! 


QCP Day Hab 2016 Tennis Group pics V7