Adult Day & Residential Services

Adult Residential Services

Adult Day & Residential Services

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Day Services – Bellerose And Jamaica Centers

QCP’s Day Habilitation programs, based at the Bellerose and Jamaica Centers, are built around individually-designed services to promote independent community living skills.  Many Day Hab activities take place in the community where participants learn travel and money handling skills, community safety awareness, and volunteer in parks, libraries, animal shelters, churches, synagogues, schools, and senior centers.

Photography, horticulture, recreation, culinary cooking classes and sensory awareness are part of the programs’ offerings.  Some of the artwork and photography have been exhibited throughout New York City.  Participants perform in musical reviews that draw many people from outside QCP.  There is also a wide range of special annual events including Sports Day, Fashion Shows, Singing/Karaoke Shows, International learning events, and carnivals. Activities that are social or recreational offer many opportunities for skill acquisition, work readiness and personal growth.

Participants also work on self-improvement and household skills that enable them to be more independent at home.  These include personal grooming and hygiene, meal preparation, doing laundry, and caring for clothing and other personal belongings.

Transportation, including wheelchair accessible vehicles, is available.


CareerPrep at the Jamaica Habilitation Program also offers a variety of career training services, such as career exploration, job interview skills, safe travel to work, dressing for work, and acquiring social skills necessary for employment. CareerPrep participants also have the opportunity to practice work related skills at volunteer, non-profit agencies.

CareerPrep staff are also available to assist participants in writing job applications, preparing for job interviews, dressing for interviews, and conducting computer based job searches.

In addition to career training skills, CareerPrep staff train in money recognition and value, budgeting, shopping and cooking nutritious foods, stress reduction and communication.

Services For Seniors

As the population we serve ages, we realize the importance of special programs for senior citizens with disabilities. QCP Geriatric Day Services, also known as the Community Connections Center, provides recreation and leisure opportunities for individuals who want to retire completely or on a part-time basis.

The Community Connections Center provides services both in-house and out in the community. Inside our main facility, participants can take part in activities including art, music, cooking, games, photography, retirement planning, advocacy services, and health education.

Community-based activities include trips to sports events, museums, and community resources and vendors.  The Community Connections Center also offers opportunities for seniors with developmental disabilities to attend local senior centers with the support and assistance of trained staff.

Residential Services

We opened our first residential facility in 1979 in Jamaica Estates.  We now operate six Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs) and three Individual Residential Alternatives (IRAs), serving the needs of 78 adults with developmental disabilities. Each residence provides a safe home-like environment, where individuals can increase their daily living skills, relax after returning from daytime activities, and participate in recreational and social activities.

Five of the six ICFs are located at the QCP Bellerose Center. Designed to meet the needs of people who are non-ambulatory and have severe physical limitations, these residences are furnished with adaptive equipment, which enables maximum independence.

The Robert G. Groh residence, located in Jamaica Estates, serves eight citizens with developmental disabilities.  Our IRAs are in various neighborhoods throughout Queens.

Each of our residences is staffed 24 hours a day. Each resident has an individualized treatment plan, developed by the interdisciplinary clinical staff, with a full array of clinical and Day Habilitation services available.

Residents attend a variety of programs during the day, some operated by QCP, some provided by other community agencies. Several residents are in QCP’s Pre-Vocational program, while others go to the Community Connections Program for seniors, or one of our Day Habilitation Programs.

Recreation is also a significant portion of QCP’s residential services. The residents themselves play a large part in selecting recreational activities and destinations.

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