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Adult Vocational Services

Community Based Employment

WorkSource’s Supported Employment Program meets the employment needs of area businesses by placing and training individuals whose goal is a job in the community. On-the-job training provides a realistic opportunity to learn positive work behaviors and specific work skills. Our ongoing support services and group activities help the individuals meet the changing demands of the workplace.

QCP’s WorkSource Supported Employment Program works with close to two-hundred people who have been placed on jobs in the community, working alongside their non-disabled co-workers, in settings such as department stores, supermarkets, restaurants, and offices.

Individuals referred into our Supported Employment Program come to us through various referral sources including ACCESS – VR (Adult Career and Continuing Education Services – Vocational Rehabilitation), and local school districts. After meeting eligibility requirements, the person goes through an assessment to determine their employment-related skills and interests.  When a suitable job site is found by QCP staff, the individual is trained how to travel to and from work.  A QCP Job Coach works with the person on the job site until the employer is satisfied with all aspects of the placement.

After the initial adjustment to the job, WorkSource Job Coaches continue to visit the site to ensure that both the person placed and the employer are satisfied.

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