Annual Years of Service Awards: “It’s Like Family”

QCP applauded 86 dedicated employees at its annual “Years of Service” awards ceremony on November 5, which honored staffers who have achieved milestones of employment anywhere from five to forty years.


QCP Executive Director Charles Houston attributes QCP’s longtime employee rate to QCP’s culture, which promotes a supportive and fulfilling work environment. “Employees form meaningful relationships with the people they serve everyday and witness firsthand the progress that each person makes,” Houston commented.


Longtime QCP board member and parent Pat Coulaz believes the staff is dedicated to QCP because of a deep-rooted commitment to its population. “I firmly believe the staff stay as long as they do because they are dedicated to the population they serve,” said Coulaz. “These people have a gift – and they give that gift to every client that comes here.”


Margaret McPherson, also a QCP board member and parent, agrees with Coulaz: “The people I have become acquainted with over the years through QCP have such tremendous energy and genuine concern for their clients – it is like a family here.”