QCP Corona Virus Updates (Please check for up to date information)

QCP Corona Virus Updates (Please check for up to date information)


To our wonderful staff-

I was in the office yesterday trying to social distance while getting some work done.  About a dozen people were also hard at work in this cavernous building.  Boy, do we have a group of unbelievably dedicated people doing whatever they can to keep this ship afloat!

When this thing started, we sat together in the conference room trying to figure out what the next steps are.  Corey, our IT Assistant Director, talked about his wife, his four kids, and how important it is to make sure his family is safe.  He’s right.  He was saying what we all felt.

Corey was one of the dozen people in the office yesterday.  He’s been working non-stop to make sure everyone who needs to link up on a computer can do what they need to from home.  He looks exhausted, but he and Asif, our IT Director, are working night and day to keep us connected.

This morning, our Residential Director put out a request for someone to pick up a birthday cake for one of our staff who are quarantined with our guys in our residence.  Corey was the first to say “I’ll do it”.   He did!

To all of our amazing staff-heroes and our Directors who have been working like crazy, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

We will get through this!





Queens Centers for Progress’ 164th Street Center, Bellerose Day Center and Children’s Centers are all closed. 

If you need to reach us,  please call 718-380-3000.

Staff please contact supervisors or directors if you need further instructions.

Dear Friends of QCP,

This has been an unbelievable (to say the least)  journey for everyone. It’s noon, and I’m sitting here trying write this note to all of you.  My IPad and my phone have been blowing up since six am this morning with news of the work our wonderful staff are doing to help the people we support get through this.

So many people are pitching in to help in any way they can.  Program staff are making sure that our individuals who live in the community are safe.  Day and Vocational staff have been selflessly pitching in to help on shifts in the Residences.  We’re hunting down supplies day and night to help us keep up with the short supply of masks and other PPE.  Maintenance staff is working hard to keep our buildings safe during this shutdown.  Fiscal and HR staff are making sure we’re paying our bills.  Directors are working non-stop to make this whole machine run smoothly.

Words aren’t enough to thank the staff at QCP for the generous way they’re giving of their time to make everything work smoothly.   I’m so very proud of our QCP family!

With love and respect!



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