QCDD Legislative Breakfast Places Top Concerns on the Table

            The Queens Council on Developmental Disabilities (QCDD) held its Annual Legislative Breakfast inside a packed Student Union at Queens College on March 4 where local legislators discussed issues pertaining to the needs of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Many of QCP’s dedicated staff attended the informative event, including Josie Davide, Assistant Director of Day Services.


            “There were about 300 people in attendance,” Davide said. “It’s always a wonderful event where everyone — including legislators, state representatives from OPWDD, family members, residents and those of us from QCP — come together to talk about key points.” This year’s Legislative Breakfast highlighted current topics such as the minimum wage increase, OPWDD services, funding needed for special education schools, and Early Intervention programs, to name a few.


            “Among the many important topics we talked about were the minimum wage and the needed funds for the types of schools that work with our population because there has not been an increase in funding in years,” Davide said. “The QCDD Legislative Breakfast is always an important event because it lets our legislators and state representatives know how much we need them on board with us.”


            The QCDD Legislative Breakfast is a great forum to have our voices heard, Davide noted. “We are hopeful that they heard our concerns and what we need to continue the great services QCP provides.”