QCP Volunteers Delight in Helping Others

QCP Adult Habilitation Program Volunteers Delight in Helping Others


QCP is honored to have volunteers from its 164th Street Adult Day Habilitation Program give back to the community. With vibrant smiles and exuberant energy, QCP volunteers venture out into the community ready and willing to serve. Over the years, QCP has provided volunteers to assist at local food pantries, nursing homes, parks and senior centers. It is with great pride its volunteers have recently helped its neighbors at Chapin Nursing Home, Veterans Administration Hospital, Rego Park Senior Center, Cunningham Park and Self Help.


Most recently, QCP volunteers Andrew and Annie served lunch at Self Help of Forest Hills and Navindra&Lutful-Bari raked leaves at Cunningham Park. QCP volunteers are not only making a difference in the lives of others, but are also enhancing their own lives. Michelle, a volunteer from QCP’s Day Hab. 2 Career Prep Program, says she is pleased how her volunteerism has led her to experience different types of work and sharpen her communication skills.


It is a delight to see how volunteering makes a profound impact on program individuals. Nancy Diaz, supervisor of the Adult Day Habilitation program, has witnessed first hand how volunteers’ self-esteem increases because they feel they are important to the community. Diaz says, “These experiences are a great opportunity for them to safely work through real “world of work” scenarios with support from the staff who provide ongoing guidance and praise.”


Overall, volunteers have much to gain from their commitment to serving others. They get an idea of the demands of the workforce and have the opportunity to hone their skills.


Neighboring organizations are pleased to receive QCP’s support and QCP volunteers are passionate about helping others and embrace the opportunity to help their community.